Oliver Baldwin

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Great submission from Oliver right up our street, A selection of photos documenting the funny and occasionally grim world around him, I did like your pictures very much mate thanks for sharing.


Im Oliver Baldwin and im from Essex england. Recently moved back to Chelmsford from Stockholm, Sweden where i was for 2 years. So all my recent photos are with old friends in Essex clubs or on ‘awaydays’. All shot on some sort of 35mm. Really like the site, hope you like my pictures :)

heres my cargo …http://cargocollective.com/oliverbaldwin/

flickr … flickr.com/photos/mrdavidwatts/   

and blog (little more personal) … oliverbaldwin.blogspot.com


Ollie xx


Mick Jagger posing in a fur parka in 1964, by Terry O’Neil

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